Last updated at 19:00 on June 27, 2017
Mostly Cloudy

10 Day Forecast

Day Conditions High/Low
Tue, 27th Jun Chance of a Thunderstorm High: 19°c
Low: 17°c
Wed, 28th Jun Rain High: 22°c
Low: 14°c
Thu, 29th Jun Chance of Rain High: 19°c
Low: 13°c
Fri, 30th Jun Partly Cloudy High: 19°c
Low: 13°c
Sat, 1st Jul Rain High: 16°c
Low: 11°c
Sun, 2nd Jul Chance of Rain High: 18°c
Low: 12°c
Mon, 3rd Jul Chance of Rain High: 18°c
Low: 10°c
Tue, 4th Jul Partly Cloudy High: 22°c
Low: 12°c
Wed, 5th Jul Clear High: 24°c
Low: 13°c
Thu, 6th Jul Mostly Cloudy High: 23°c
Low: 14°c