Advertising in the Nurburgring Info App is a great way to promote your business and with 70,000+ downloads to date you can be sure of getting maximum exposure to Nurburgring visitors and fans.

There are various different ways to advertise in the app, all of which are detailed below:

Directory Advertising

Having your business in the directory is FREE, just simply send us your details and we can add you. If however you would like to have your business featured at the top of the category and highlighted then please contact us.

Banner Advertising

Advertising your business with a banner is a great way to gain exposure and the best place to do this is in our gallery. With 200,000+ views per month the gallery is the ideal location to show off your business. You can target the viewers by phone type (Android, iPhone or both), manufacturer (BMW, Porsche, Audi etc) and by the user's current location!

Section Sponsorship

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